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Bethesda House

The name "Bethesda House" means "house of mercy, or outpouring waters."  Everywhere we have lived, has become a "house of mercy" to others.  We have shown God's mercy to so many people, all going through different kinds of difficulties, problems, adversities, and trials.  When one of our children was a teenager, she asked God WHY our family had gone through such need, or helped others in need.  His response to her was "So that your family can help those who will come to Bethesda House in the future.  Either you will have gone through the same kind of needs yourselves, or will be able to understand what they are feeling and going through in their own situations, because of others you've already helped who were going through similar circumstances."  His "living water" will continue to flow out of our bellies, to those He will send who need healing on some level...spirit, soul, or body.  


We were told by the Lord that this would be a large place that will overlook a pool of water, that has its source from a natural spring.  Donations will come to pay the salaries of those who will cook, clean, do the gardening, and the laundry there.  Those who come are not to be charged, and be able to stay as long as needed.  God said we were to "tell them about Jesus, and He will heal them."  We have had 2 pieces of property brought to our attention over the years, that would be perfect locations for Bethesda House.  We are waiting on the Lord for the timing of this project, and to know which property location is the one He's designated for this project.  


We were given John 5:1-15 in connection with the vision for Bethesda House.  It describes the miracle that Jesus did at the Pool of Bethesda.  A Christian Attorney from Delaware called us out of the blue after receiving this vision.  We had never met him, and he'd gotten our number from a Christian friend of ours who lived in Delaware at the time.  He gave us John 5:1-15, and described a dream he'd had in which he saw his children entering a pool of water, that's source was from a natural spring that came out of a hill through a pipe, to form the pool.  He said "I don't know if this all has any meaning for you," and we assured him IT DID, and thanked him for confirming what God had shown us concerning "Bethesda House!" 


If you would like to join our Intercession Team, to pray Bethesda House into reality, please send us an e-mail.  :)


          John 3:8

The wind blows where

it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and

where it goes.  So is

everyone who is born

of the Spirit.



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