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Bob and Donna Nefferdorf have had the most lasting impact on my spiritual journey as a young man pursuing the Lord.  Their ability to hear God's voice helped me to have an encounter with the living God.  Their humble servant hearts allowed them to disciple me and hold my hand as I walked out an intimate relationship with Jesus.  Their Godly wisdom continues to be a major influence in my walk and I'm truly blessed to call them my Spiritual parents.  I know that the story of their lives and their personal walk with the Lord will truly bless you and challenge you to go deeper in your own walk with our King." 


                                 Josh Hardt, Missionary

                                 YWAM Kona, Hawaii

I always remember you asking if anyone told me that they loved me today. Another wonderful thing was that "Sometimes people come into our lives for awhile, then leave, but were put in our lives for a reason. Sometimes we outgrow these people. We will meet new people and make new friends."  The photo shows what you taught me.
                                                                 Lisa Kavanagh

I wanted to give you a testimony for your website.  You have taught me that sometimes things are too big for us to handle, so we have to ask God for help, and trust that He will answer our prayers.  Also, you and Mr. Bob have taught me that the Lord works "in mysterious ways" (whether it's through "laughter & joy" or "shaking and tingling" or what have you.)   ;)

                                         Jade Quezada

                                         College Student, Pennsylvania



Hi!  My name is Dana, and I met Donna and Bob Nefferdorf, this wonderful and sweet people in our Conference in Branson, Missouri, in 2010, at Faith Life Church.  Since then, we became friends and even while I'm living here in MO, and they in Maryland, we stayed in touch.  When we were at the Conference where we met, the Holy spirit spoke to me, as Donna and Bob were worshipping the Lord next to me..."Give her your ring."  I thought, "What?  My golden ring? Lord, if you are speaking to me, speak again."  I heard it again, "Give her that ring."  So I was obedient and took my ring off my finger and gave it to Mrs. Donna.  I never regretted it and I had joy from it, so I KNEW, it was the Lord. 


What I did not know, was that this wonderful lady, Donna and her husband, Bob, would stand with me in prayer, in faith, and in agreement all three years during my hardest time in my life, when I was going through my difficult time in my marriage until now.  These wonderful people didn't stop praying and interceding for me, my situation, and my husband, to be delivered from all bondages and all the power of darkness, even when the situation was looking totally hopeless.  These wonderful people, when everybody turned their back or only promised that they will help, they stayed and showed me their Love through their prayers, their kind and encouraging words and stayed in touch, even when others ran away...


I appreciate these people...this wonderful sister and brother in Christ, because they didn't give up on my situation and stood with me in their prayers and Love and support.  I knew when they prayed, something would happen, something would have to move, something would have to be broken.  I KNEW when these prayer-warriors prayed, the prayer MUST BE answered! 


And praise be to the Lord!!!!  We experienced and continue to experience, miracle after miracle in our marriage and in the life of my husband, and also in my life.  My husband is free and delivered from all that bound him from his past and he is now a different man.  Praise be to the Lord, who always causes us to triumph!  Praise be to God who always give us Victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!  Amen! 


                                               Friend Dana

So much to say; words and paper cannot contain all the heartfelt thanks and adoration for Pastor Bob & Donna Nefferdorf!  For several years I have known them, both in person and through correspondence, and can vouch that their integrity and character models what a true Christian's life should be like. 


Various spiritual gifts operate through these two, and their obedience to follow the Holy Spirit's instructions has been an inspiration to me, even during times of waiting and patience.


Through their dreams and visions, and the God-given ability they have to interpret dreams and visions, I've been helped in my spiritual walk.  Their interpretations of dreams and visions, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, has encouraged me, uplifted my faith, confirmed the will of God in my life, kept me folowing the right path, and gave encouragement that I was hearing from Holy Spirit.


They have been a mentor/friend to me and nothing but Christ-like love have these two shown to both myself and others.  After you talk to them, you feel uplifted, strengthened, encouraged, and loved.


They do not seek after fortune/fame nor man's approval.  Nothing but pure Christ-like love oozes from them.  Their Christian walk is an example that I strive to follow, in love, obedience, and patience. 


I highly recommend them for any spiritual help you might need!


                                           Juanna Edwards


Thank you for everything that you have done for me!!! The Truth that you poured into me has set me free and I am able every day to run a little faster my race that The Lord has set before me, leaving the past behind and looking forward to the future that He has for me. The words that you both spoke to me have anchored and grounded me to Him even more than before, and encouraged me to stand on His promise until I see it with my eyes and dig deeper into Him who gives life to dry bones. Both of you are amazing and sooo loving.  Thank you for that! 


                                                       Alesia Lukashova


Bob and Donna, you have been there to share the love of the Father with me when my heart was broken.  You both filled the cracks with the love of God!  You had me to focus on His Word and not the words of the enemy!  I will always remember you, Bob and Donna!  I love you!!  


                                                           Minnie Brooks


Thanks for feeding me the Spirit in Facebook over the years!

Your words have consistently spoken to me!  








          John 3:8

The wind blows where

it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and

where it goes.  So is

everyone who is born

of the Spirit.



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