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Welcome to our Ministry Website, Global New Beginnings!

In 1990, Global New Beginnings Ministry became a reality, in obedience to the leading of God's Holy Spirit.  It was birthed three years after two significant life-changing encounters with a loving and merciful God!   He had reached out from Eternity and released the power of His healing love, setting our family free from the clutches of catastrophic illness and disease (RSD/CRPS), and an accidental spinal injury requiring multiple back surgeries that failed to resolve the injury!  
Initially, Global New Beginnings was a family ministry of prophetic and healing evangelism, operating in the gifts of the Spirit, as we reached out to those living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  As time went by, God allowed us to travel across the Bay Bridge to the Western Shore of Maryland.  Our children grew up, flew the nest, got their degrees, and began their own families.  Bob and I then had opportunities to travel throughout the United States, to Europe, and most recently to Central America.  The ministry's name, Global New Beginnings, reflects the whole world as our mission field for the future, as we continue leading others into a "new beginning" with the Father, through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 
Through our story, we've become like dandelion puffs that's seeds are blown off and carried wherever the Wind of the Spirit takes them to!  The seeds have blown into the hearts of thousands of people we have shared this story of God's love with.  We expect that to continue in the months and years to come, and for the seeds to even MULTIPLY as God "enlarges our territory!"  
We welcome you to look through our Global New Beginnings site today, to get to know our hearts, and pray that as you spend time looking through it, that God will encourage and bless your own heart!


To learn more about HOW God set our family free, here is a link to the Book Store, where you will find the book that shares the AMAZING and MIRACULOUS story!     




Zechariah 4:10

Do not despise these small beginnings,

for the Lord rejoices to see the work


          John 3:8

The wind blows where

it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and

where it goes.  So is

everyone who is born

of the Spirit.



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