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Global New Beginnings arrived in Somerset County in 2009, to serve the communities of Marion Station and Crisfield. We moved into the area at the leading of the Lord, to begin renovating a home base for future youth ministry, and interceding for an "awakening" of God's love to take place in this part of the Eastern Shore.  The Lord told us to begin with "the people" and began building relationships with neighbors, and the local people.  We have been able to bless others with furniture, clothing, and household items since we arrived, and to encourage, pray with, and comfort those going through trials.  In 2011, we actually took up residence in Marion Station, and have fellowshipped locally at the Marion Baptist Church, which is really a "loving family" that cares about each other.  In January 2014 we became members there.  When a parent needed nursing care in 2012, we chose the beautiful Alice B. Tawes Nursing & Rehab Center in Crisfield.  They loved the facility until they went home to be with the Lord, and our circle of friends grew larger, as we met staff who lived in the area, and residents and their family members.  In 2013, we began to meet other Pastors in the area.  We know as time goes by, our networking will continue to grow, in preparation for the building of The Barn Youth Ministry. In June 2014, Donna's first book, To Know Him Is To Love Him, was released. To learn more about the book, go to our Book Store page. In July 2014, Bob made a return trip to Nicaragua where he ministered for two weeks from morning to night.  By October, the Lord relocated us back to Hebron.  We took a little time to unpack, in between Bob's trips for the rest of that year, and ended 2014 with beautiful time together with our family over the holidays. 

2015 started off fast and furious!  It was one trip after another, to many different states, where new Kingdom connections were made. Two key trips for us were to Bethel Church in Redding, California, in June, and Life Center Ministries in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in October.  These trips overflowed with "a fullness of joy in His Presence" and opportunities to demonstrate the Kingdom in power.  The garden we'd planted produced a lot of organic vegetables that blessed a local homeless ministry/shelter, along with friends, family, and neighbors.  It was hard work but so very worth it.  The year ended with quality time with our children's families, and being blessed by their love! 
As 2016 began, it started with a major SHIFT for the first week! The phone began ringing for ministry around the world, leaving little time to eat and sleep. The first event, a "Supernatural Conference" in Philadelphia, PA, where Bob ministered with a friend, led to five hours of Holy Spirit moving in power! We were so excited at the many surprises that were in store for the rest of the year!  Florida came next where Bob traveled to West Palm Beach, Coral Springs, and Orlando.  There was much ministry locally, with multiple trips to Kentucky, New Jersey, Richmond, Virginia, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania sprinkled throughout the rest of the year.  The garden produced lots of fresh vegetables that blessed our own neighborhood, family, and friends.  The summer was warmer and very rainy making the labor a little more intense but we got it done!  In August, Bob and Donna both became licensed and ordained Chaplains and Ministers. There were also a few health challenges throughout the year to walk through by faith trusting the Lord for healing, for both Bob and Donna. God was faithful as always, and made a way for them "to escape so they could bear it all." We enjoyed fellowship with spiritual family on and off through house church meetings.  Precious time with family, granddaughters, and friends rounded out the year, and provided so many wonderful memories to treasure as we ended the year and stepped into all the "new" that God had waiting for us as we turned the page and January began.     

2017 flew by too!  There was much ministry to youth and worship leaders in Washington, DC, who are so hungry for more of God in their lives!  Return trips were made to New Jersey, and Kentucky, along with another Supernatural Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In May, it was time for celebrating 45 years of marriage!  Our girls blessed us with a trip to St. Michael's which we took later in the year where we relaxed and enjoyed each other's presence as we reflected on our life together!  Late summer brought a return trip to Dallas, Texas, and Bob's third trip to Nicaragua kept him on the go in August.  Donna worked on completing her Intercessory Prayer class during the year using Dutch Sheets' materials, with Pastor Minnie Brooks of Abiding in Christ Through Prayer, where Bob and Donna were Spiritual Advisors for her Facebook Group by the same name.  There were more health challenges for both of us but God's grace continued to be sufficient!  Due to the heat, Bob travel schedule, and some health limitations, we did not have a garden for the first time in many years. We received an invitation to travel to Pakistan and are waiting on the Lord to know if this year is His time to make the journey. Another invitation came for a trip to Italy in 2018.   We can't wait to see how that works out!  Donna's work on her second book, "Thy Guiding Light" was slow, and she is still working on gathering the background information and searching her journals for specific words from the Lord through the years that will become chapter material. Precious time was spent with family from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  We finished the year strong in the Lord after much local ministry too, and are excited at all 2018 brings our way!   





There will be other local projects in the years to come, and we invite you to partner with Global New Beginnings, as we reach out with God's love to impact our county, "the Shore", and all the places God directs us to go in the months and years ahead, to share the Gospel of His Kingdom around the globe!

          John 3:8

The wind blows where

it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and

where it goes.  So is

everyone who is born

of the Spirit.



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